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INSIGHT - The Fundamentals

This section provides the minimum effective core training around the basics of ultrasound (knobology; physics of ultrasound)

Basic ultrsaound

Critical illness pathophysiology is highly dynamic and it is therefore important for the operator to have an understanding of the fundamentals of ultrasound physics in order to properly identify anatomy and abnormalities that may exist. This page provides resources covering the practical concepts of imaging planes, probe manoeuvring, and image optimization. 

Physics and Knobology

In order to make your INSIGHT scans as clear and easy to read as possible, it's important to have some technical understanding of how ultrasound works (physics), and how to use the ultrasound probe and machine (knobology) before scanning your first patient. Here we have provided two links to very informative videos. The top video covers the following:

1. An brief overview of the physics behind ultrasound, and how physics translates to the images you see

2. Probe types, how they work, and how to manoeuvre your probe to get the best picture

3. How to adjust machine settings to optimise your image

The bottom video talks through the physics behind ultrasound in much more detail. It may help to expand areas not fully covered in the first video.

Physics and knobology by Mike Stone

This video lasts approximately 1 hr but is extremely thorough and engaging. Not all probe types and ultrasound functions apply to the INSIGHT Scan, but it covers everything you need to know.

Ultrasound physics by Richard Fisher

This video lasts just over 30 minutes and guides you through the physics in detail. This is extremely useful in understanding how and why artefacts present, and will help you interpret your image.

Test yourself

Complete this short quiz to see if you've learnt the essentials of physics and knobology

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