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The Central Veins

This page contains the training information required to maximise the quality of ultrasound imaging obtained by INSIGHT and the clinical utility of this imaging.

The Major Central Veins Assessment

The 6 major central veins (inferior vena cava, subclavian and femoral) can be visualised with INSIGHT. Compatibility with central line cannulation is assessed.

The central veins INSIGHT Questions

On the right are the INSIGHT questions for these views. You will be asked to assess for the presence of a thrombus, confirm compressibility, and measure the depth and maximum diameter of the vein. 

Major central veins training video

This training video will guide you through how to acquire and optimise you image, the most useful landmarks to scan the internal jugular, femoral, and subclavian veins, how to answer the insight questions, and how to recognise normal from abnormal.

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