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The Abdominal Window

The abdominal/pelvic window allows a rapid visualisation of the bladder (whether it is empty; filled or distended); confirm urinary catheter position and also identify other free abdominal fluid (eg ascites/blood). 

Bladder and Lower Abdominal Assessment

One quick scan of the bladder can provide a lot of very useful information including abnormal pathology that can help inform clinical decision making. Scanning the bladder will indicate whether it is full or urine, draining properly, and if the catheter balloon is correctly positioned. In addition, you should be able to assess for the presence of abdominal free fluid.


The abdominal/pelvic window INSIGHT questions

You will be asked to assess whether the bladder is full or empty of urine, whether the catheter balloon is visible, and whether any abdominal free is present around the bladder.

Bladder and Abdomen Training Video

This video will guide you through how to acquire and optimise your image, how to carry out the INSIGHT assessment of the abdomen and bladder, and how to recognise normal from abnormal. 

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