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Subcostal IVC 

This page provides training materials to allow you to get the best possible view of the Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) and be able to interpret it to maximise clinical effectiveness. 

The Subcostal IVC assessment

The inferior vena cava can be imaged by correct orientation of the phased array (cardiac probe). With training and experience a lot of clinically useful information can be obtained by using this view. 

Key questions include whether the IVC is distended or collapsed and whether this changes with time and interventions


Subcostal IVC INSIGHT Questions

The only two INSIGHT questions for the IVC window related to size and collapsibility of the vessel. The training video provides additional information as to the reasons behind these questions and how to answer them

Subcostal IVC Training video

This training video guides you through how to perform, interpret and report an INSIGHT scan of the IVC from the subcostal short axis view.

Test your knowledge

Try this short quiz to test how much you have learnt about the cardiac and IVC views

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