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INSIGHT Training Program

What you need to know

Thank you for supporting the INSIGHT training program. This page describes the training requirements to become competent  in providing the INSIGHT training scan and translating this to train others and provide useful clinical information


Ultrasound is different from imaging such as a chest X-ray or CT scan, because you are viewing the patient anatomy and pathophysiology in real time rather than reviewing a static picture of clinical information from a moment in time. 


INSIGHT is a whole-body or multi-system critical care ultrasound scanning protocol. This differs from standard diagnostic ultrasound which tends to look at one specific structure (e.g. the liver) to identify suspected abnormalities. INSIGHT training includes face-to-face and distant supported training in a rapid scheduled assessment of critically ill patients. Although nurse led, INSIGHT is open to any healthcare professional In critical care ultrasound, the ability to assess and re-assess, and/or provide the ultrasound at any time (day or night) could be invaluable especially when departmental imaging may not be immediately available. 


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