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Welcome to the  INSIGHT Ultrasound research website. 

The INSIGHT Study is a research program designed to provide effective inter professional ultrasound to critically ill patients. 

For this study, we have designed a very simple to use ultrasound scan, called the INSIGHT scan. The INSIGHT scan is a quick assessment of the whole body to be used as part of routine patient assessment.


This scan is designed to be carried out at the patient's bedside by nurses, physiotherapists, advanced critical care practitioners, and doctors. 

The project is currently based in King's College Hospital Critical Care in London, UK


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Contact Us

Ele Corcoran. PhD Fellow & Principle Investigator

Dr Phil Hopkins. Co-Investigator

Professor Louise Rose. Co-Investigator

Dr Ged Rafferty. Co-Investigator

Dr Adrian Wong. Co-Investogator

Dr Richard Fisher. Co-Investigator

King's College Hospital

Tel: 0203 299 1038

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